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Miami, FL - (Business Wire) - BirdieBox is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Memory Company, Inc., a top-tier North American manufacturer of gifts, collectibles, and home and office decor for sports and corporate related gifts. The partnership will allow BirdieBox, a leader in the B2B gifting segment, to enhance their product portfolio and establish efficient product distribution.

“The missions of our companies is (interestingly) similar in that we both strive to create memorable experiences while delivering quality products that promote brand loyalty to our clients and consumers,” said Birdie Box CEO Pat DePirro. “Their product lineup and attention to detail allows us to offer more and great quality products especially as it relates to personalized home decor and drinkware.” With such a large part of our client based in professional and collegiate sports, The Memory Company's established licensee business was also quite appealing.

“We are proud to align our goods and services with BirdieBox with whom we have great respect for how they surged to the top of luxury corporate gifting,” said The Memory Company CEO Charles Sizemore. “This pandemic made both companies pivot in order to provide our corporate clients with unique and high-end gifts for their clients and employees.”


BirdieBox is a luxury B2B gift concierge service that caters to Fortune 500 clients, PGA TOUR events, private golf clubs and resorts as well as professional and collegiate sports. BirdieBox has direct partnerships with over 100 elite brands and amplifies the gift experience by providing great value and world-class packaging. BirdieBox's mantra is to always to make gifting an experience!


The Memory Company is a top tier North American manufacturer of gifts, collectibles, and home and office decor for sports and corporate related gifts. Recognized for its creative product development, The Memory Company offers a wide array of designs and products that promote team and brand loyalty. With overseas and domestic manufacturing plants, The Memory Company is geared to service bulk and custom orders featuring NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NCAA logos as well as corporate branding. It is a primary objective of The Memory Company to focus on brands that inspire loyalty to the brands with classic designs that consumers will proudly display and enjoy.


BirdieBox Taking Off in Swag Space

December 2, 2019, Sports Business Journal